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Privacy policy

KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA appreciates the trust of its customers and cares about maintaining their personal (personal) data confidential from fraudsters and third parties. This privacy Policy is designed to ensure that data provided by clients, was safe and protected from third party access. CA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA collects your personal (personal) data exclusively in order to improve service quality and efficiency of our cooperation.

1. General questions

1.1. This privacy Policy describes methods of use and storage KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA confidential information to the customer visiting the website

1.2. Providing KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA private information through the website, client willingly consents to the transfer, use and disclosure of personal data under the terms of this privacy Policy.

1.3. This privacy Policy applies only to personal information obtained through this website. Private information is information that enables, when used alone or in combination with other available KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA information to identify a customer's personal information.

1.4. The website does not contain content inappropriate for children and adolescents under the age of 14. However, they cannot transmit any personal data over the Internet without the consent of a parent or guardian. KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA ensures that not knowingly collect or store any personal information related to minors.

1.5. On can have links that go to other sites. KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA is not responsible for the information published on these sites and provides links to them only in order to ensure customer convenience. On the website not published intentionally links to Internet resources, which can cause damage to the customer's computer, or infecting it with viruses.

2. Data that is received by the company

2.1. If the user is not registered on the site, viewing content on the resource is anonymous. Site servers can collect statistics information about the type of browser, computer and operating system, and IP address.

2.2. Personal information and any other information that customers knowingly and voluntarily submit in the course of using the website:

  • surname, name, patronymic;
  • e-mail;
  • mobile phone;

Data is collected with the purpose of accepting and processing an order; the purpose of feedback with the customer, providing customer support; notifications about changes in our services; providing, with the client's consent, offers and information about promotions, revenues of new products, advertising mailings.

3. The protection of personal information of users

3.1. KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA never, under any circumstances, reports to third parties personally identifiable (personal) information about our customers, except for cases prescribed by Federal law of 27.07.2006, № 152-FZ "On personal data", or when the client voluntarily agrees to the transfer of information.

3.2. KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA has the right to use other companies and individuals to perform certain types of work, such as delivery of parcels, mail and email, removing duplicate information from customer lists, analyzing data, providing marketing services, processing credit card payments. These entities have access to your personal information only when necessary to perform their functions. This information cannot be used for other purposes.

3.3. KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA implements measures for the protection of personal (personal) data of the clients in the following areas:

  • prevention of leakage of information containing personal (personal) data on technical communication channels and other means;
  • to prevent unauthorized access to information containing personal (personal) data, special impacts on such information (media) for its extraction, destruction, corruption or blocking access;
  • protection from malicious programs;
  • intrusion detection and cyber attacks.

4. The retention time

KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA stores the private information of our clients as much time as she remains necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was originally obtained, or other lawful purposes, except when a longer retention period of information is necessary in accordance with the laws or allowed them.

5. Cooperation with state authorities

There are limited conditions under which KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA can provide private information from our databases with third persons:

in order to meet the requirements, requests, or court orders; in order to cooperate with law enforcement, investigative or other governmental agencies. Thus, the KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA reserves the right to inform the authorities about any illegal activity without notice to the user about it; for the purposes of prevention or investigation of the alleged offence, for example fraud or identity theft; in order to protect legal rights, property, or safety of the site employees KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA, agents, other users and society as a whole.

6. Changes and additions

All changes to terms and conditions or the policy of use of personal information will be reflected in this document. KA "LEX" (LAW), SAMARA reserves the right to amend certain sections in this document at any time without prior notice by posting an updated version of this privacy Policy on the website on this page. Since its publication, the users are subject to the new terms of the privacy Policy.