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«E. Y. Tokar Bar “LEX” (LAW), Samara Region» provides the following legal assistance:
  • Legal advice. Read more
  • Participation in negotiations at the stage of dealing foreign economic deals and incorporation of legal entities with foreign investments. Read more
  • Extrajudicial and pre-court dispute settlement procedures. Read more
  • Conducting the cases in legal authorities. Read more
  • Representation of client’s interests in tax authorities, regulatory and administrative authorities. Read more
  • Draft contracts development. Read more
  • Resolution of disputes and problems in the field of medicine (Medical Law). Read more
  • Legal examination. Read more
  • Subscription-based legal services for corporate clients. Read more
  • Legal assistance during negotiating in the field of business activity. Read more
  • Legal support of surrogacy program at all stages: surrogacy contract negotiation, obtaining a consent from surrogate mother to record genetic parents as parents of a child, the registration of birth in Civil Status Registration Office. Read more
  • Resolution of disputes in the field of intellectual property. Read more

Welcome to the website of E. Y. Tokar Bar “LEX” (LAW), Samara

«E. Y. Tokar Bar “LEX” (LAW), Samara» has been providing legal assistance to individuals and legal entities since May 30th, 1990.

«E. Y. Tokar Bar “LEX” (LAW), Samara» was a pioneer in providing subscription-based legal services for corporate clients and individual entrepreneurs in the field of civil, business, corporate, tax and private international law.

The aim of our activity is to provide legal assistance that guarantees our clients the right for sustainable activity, in particular, the protection of rights and interests of entrepreneurs.

The Small state enterprise for the provision of legal assistance “LEX” was incorporated on May 30th, 1990. Its statutory goal was to protect interests of legal entities and individuals.

On June 20th, 1990 the first corporate clients - the branch of insurance company “Samara-ASKO” and “Implozia” (the founder - Grant Bezruchenko) - were registered in Kirovskiy district executive committee of Kuibyshev.

Specialized legal aid bureau “LEX” of the Samara region bar association was incorporated on February 9th, 1996. Following the reorganization of the bar in the Russian Federation, Samara bar association “LEX” was incorporated on March 20th, 2003 and it is still chaired by Efim Yakovlevich Tokar.

Forms of providing legal assistance vary from legal advice to complex legal support.

One of our main priorities is to provide subscription-based legal services to corporate clients.

Decades of experience allow us to provide the required legal assistance in a prompt and qualitative manner despite the complexity of cases and to defend for the rights and legitimate interests of our clients.

The first-hand experience of proceedings in commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction allows us to use relevant judicial and arbitration practice when drawing up contracts and other documents.

Taking advantage of this experience, we develop a system of preventive measures to ensure sustainable activity of corporate clients.

For more than 27 years of our activity the special focus has been on carrying out expert examinations of disputes in the field of business activity, taxation and private international law.

Counseling and litigation in the sphere
of foreign economic activity and international private law,
including non-residents.
Legal assistance is provided in English.