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Legal assistance

«E. Y. Tokar Bar “LEX” (LAW), Samara» provides the following legal assistance:
  • Legal advice. Read more
  • Participation in negotiations at the stage of dealing foreign economic deals and incorporation of legal entities with foreign investments. Read more
  • Extrajudicial and pre-court dispute settlement procedures. Read more
  • Conducting the cases in legal authorities. Read more
  • Representation of client’s interests in tax authorities, regulatory and administrative authorities. Read more
  • Draft contracts development. Read more
  • Resolution of disputes and problems in the field of medicine (Medical Law). Read more
  • Legal examination. Read more
  • Subscription-based legal services for corporate clients. Read more
  • Legal assistance during negotiating in the field of business activity. Read more
  • Legal support of surrogacy program at all stages: surrogacy contract negotiation, obtaining a consent from surrogate mother to record genetic parents as parents of a child, the registration of birth in Civil Status Registration Office. Read more
  • Resolution of disputes in the field of intellectual property. Read more
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