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Legal examination

The practice of our activity carried out since 1990 has proven the possibility to get the maximum effect and, probably, to save money of our clients as early as at a pre-litigation stage. First of all, we suggest carrying out legal examination of the dispute and then, with due consideration of existing legal regulation of relationship and legal precedents, draw the conclusions and provide recommendations and, of course, do our best to solve the dispute with our clients’ opponents at a pre-litigation stage following the negotiations and using the conclusions of legal examination as a motivation in these negotiations.

Legal examination of any economic dispute is based on the situation analysis of information and documents presented by the client and on the tasks and issues brought up by him.

During conducting the legal examination of economic and tax disputes, it is sometimes necessary to do researches using special knowledge in the field of forensic (technical and forensic), financial and economic as well as some other expert studies.

Research activity at a pre-litigation stage is driven by the need to collect sufficient evidence of our client’s position or to disavow the position of client’s opponents.

Such examinations are carried out by authorized experts who have special knowledge in different fields of science, equipment, art and craft. Most examinations are carried out by forensic laboratories of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. Forensic studies can be carried out by non-state expert organizations providing that they have the required licenses and certificates.