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Conducting the cases in legal authorities

Conduct of cases in courts is one of our main activities. Can lawyers help the client to earn or save money? Our experience shows that they can.

We always start our work from asking a client to present all the documents that have relevance to his problem.

However, there are situations when filing a lawsuit in court will only increase the expenses of a client. We truly believe that our client can get more in future if we honestly warn him about hopelessness of a court proceeding and protect him from unnecessary legal costs.

Professional legal analysis of a disputed situation is useful in forecasting the perspective outcomes of a judicial settlement and helps the client to formulate the correct legal position and make the right decision whether to start legal proceeding or not.

If a client intends to file a lawsuit for money or property recovery with the help of our lawyers, we try to assess the paying capacity of a debtor and the possibility to execute the judgment at the first stage.

Possibility to choose the way of resolving the dispute or settling any particular conflict for the protection of his own rights or alignment of his interest is the natural right of every person.

All required conditions have been created so far in Russia to establish non-state jurisdictional mechanisms for solving and settling the disputes.

It is stated in Article 138 of Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation that parties have the right to settle the dispute by entering into a settlement agreement or by applying any other conciliation procedures, including mediation procedure, if it doesn’t contradict to the federal law.

The same provisions are given in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Procedural legislation of the Russian Federation also contains a number of other provisions aimed at boosting the alternative ways of solving economic disputes in the Russian Federation.