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Draft contracts development

The process of preparing the content of any contract (civil law contract, international economic contract etc.) is always based on the combination of will, ratio and tasks set by the client with due consideration of a business partner’s attitude (the client’s counterparty).

The lawyer’s task is to prepare the best option of a contract content using his knowledge of a respective branch of law, regulatory framework, case law and his own experience. Thus, as we understand it, the process of drawing up any contract is a joint creative work of a lawyer and his client.

The development of a draft contract is divided in three stages:

  • The first stage – introductory task set by the client;
  • The second stage – preparation of a draft contract by a lawyer; when necessary, list of disagreements is being drawn up with due consideration of business partner’s attitude;
  • The third stage – the procedure of executing and signing the contract; when necessary, support with registration procedures is provided.

In case of receiving a list of disagreements we always recommend that our clients assess the suggested terms (revised version) with the help of legal experts.

Then we draw the particular attention of our client to the procedure of monitoring the fulfillment of contractual commitments both by the client and his counterparty in order not to miss the significant terms (term of payment, performing works, supplying goods etc.)

Failure to exercise a performance discipline by both parties of a contract (agreement) may, unfortunately, result in unexpected expenses such as penalties or compensation of losses.