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Representation of client’s interests in tax authorities, regulatory and administrative authorities

Representation of client’s interests means not only conducting the cases in courts. It is often necessary to interact with tax, customs authorities, government authorities, local government authorities etc.

Thus, for example, in case the decision was handed down by tax authority to bring the enterprise to responsibility for committing tax violation, there is a possibility to reverse such decision without recourse to the court by lodging an appeal and its consideration by superior tax authority.

The practice of our participation in resolving tax disputes shows that the lawyer should be engaged as early as at the stage of conducting inspection by the tax authority so that the lawyer and the client could provide clarifications to the tax authority and afterwards to participate in preparing the list of disagreements during the consideration of inspection act.

If an administrative offence case has been initiated, it is possible to close it by providing written pleadings, grounded requests and by presenting evidence to an authority or an officer authorized for conducting this case.

Representation of our clients’ interests during the implementation of such administrative procedures as obtaining special permissions (licenses), acquisition of property to ownership (for example, privatization), state registration and making records to relevant state registers of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, real estate units etc. has always been and still remains the top requested type of legal assistance.