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Legal assistance during negotiating in the field of business activity

It is impossible to run business without conducting negotiations, entering into agreements and taking other actions aimed at attracting new partners. The parties of business activity hold meetings, conferences, discussions of future transactions and study together texts of contracts. Lawyer’s participation in negotiations with business partners allows clients to obtain advice regarding the compliance of a deal or its parts with regulatory acts, usual business practice and client’s interests immediately.

Lawyer’s participation in the client’s meeting with potential partners can minimize the risk of being misled about the legality of a transaction and, probably, about positive results of the transaction (such as making profit or other benefits).

Provision of legal assistance during transaction support not only complies with the ratio principle but, undoubtedly, will have a positive impact on the client’s image and make it possible to assess objectively all significant terms of the contract.

In defending the client’s interests, the lawyer is absolutely independent of the business partner’s attitude.